“The name ‘Videra’
stems from the Latin ‘videre
meaning ‘to see’”

Videra Surgical & Diagnostics was established to professionally represent global medical and diagnostic device manufacturers in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

With a special interest and, (dare we say), ‘focus’ in improving visualisation in the surgical and diagnostic environments, Videra is uniquely positioned to provide advice and solutions to Clinicians to assist them in having the very best clinical tools at their disposal.

The management team at Videra have an average 25-years experience in the medical devices industry and adhere to the most stringent protocols in our corporate governance and regulatory obligations.

PlasmaJet -

Respect for Tissue

Our flagship product is the PlasmaJet Surgery System, developed to leverage the unique properties of pure plasma energy and offer surgeons the ability to perform no-touch, atraumatic surgery. The PlasmaJet is a safe, effective, and easy-to-use device designed for a variety of surgical applications.

The PlasmaJet Surgery System utilizes kinetic energy and highly controlled thermal effects to treat tissue through three key surgical actions.

Kinetic DissectionTM allows surgeons to create clean and dry tissue planes and open adhered areas on or near sensitive structures.

Microlayer VaporizationTM enables surgeons to perform more complete disease removal from surface tissue, layer by layer.

Surface SealingTM allows surgeons to dry and seal areas with small vessels and oozing surfaces, reducing the risk of leakage and complications.

PlasmaJet Delivers Effective Control to Surgeons

Allows enhanced visualization, opening, and dissection of tissue planes

Controlled tissue effect enables use on or around sensitive structures, leading to more complete disease removal

  • Less than 0.3 mm depth of thermal effect on key structures such as bowel, ovary, and fallopian tubes
  • Less than 0.5 mm lateral thermal spread

Sealing of small blood and lymph vessels may reduce formation of fluid collections

PlasmaJet -
plasmajet surgical

PlasmaJet can be Safely Used in the O.R.

Generates minimal thermal effect regardless of the length of application

Tip is always cool to the touch and will not cause thermal injury to surrounding tissue

Does not pass an electric current through tissue

  • Will not arc to instruments or fluids in surgical field
  • Will not cause muscle fasciculation
  • Will not burn alternate sites
PlasmaJet -


Our team of dedicated, highly qualified specialists are focused on enhancing clinical success by closely proctoring and supporting the surgical teams in all phases of integrating the PlasmaJet into daily clinical practice.

We routinely conduct Product Training Workshops and Surgical MasterClasses throughout the USA and Europe.

This training, along with peer-to-peer proctorship and hospital based clinical support, enhances a surgeon’s ability to expand the clinical utility of the product and effect positive patient outcomes.

PlasmaJet -

Since late 2004, PlasmaJet has been used in thousands of operative cases by surgeons across North America and Europe. PlasmaJet’s efficacy and safety has been evaluated and described in over 70 scientific papers, abstracts, and posters.

PlasmaJet Components

The PlasmaJet system consists of a console and a single-use handpiece.

The PlasmaJet Console

  • Quick setup time of approximately one minute
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Intuitive interface
  • No special equipment or certifications for operating the system
PlasmaJet -
PlasmaJet -

The PlasmaJet Handpiece

  • Multiple sizes available for open and laparoscopic procedures
  • Sized for use with standard 5 mm trocars
  • Ergonomic design
  • Single Use

PlasmaJet Clinical References

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