The Oplightâ„¢

Traditional overhead lighting systems or head mounted fibre optic systems have limitations and are sometimes sub-optimal for surgery into deep cavities where shadowing can be an issue. The integral light guide designed into each Oplight cartridge maximises and directs light directly into the cavity eliminating the possibility of shadowing.

Key features

  • Can attach to multiple suitable flat blades
  • Will work with most existing instruments
  • Multiple blade devices gives multiple lights
  • Cartridges can be illuminated individually
  • Single-use reduces potential cross-contamination
  • Lights easily placed into optimum position
  • Simple on/off switch means easy to control
  • Integral light guide projects light downwards
  • 90 mins to 180 mins of continuous power
  • Illuminates cavity without overhead shadowing
  • Leaves minimum adhesive residue on instrument
  • Firm attachment: resistant to dislodgement

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