MorSafe Tissue Isolator

Versator + MorSafe = A winning Combination

The Versator tissue morcellator, when used in combination with MorSafe tissue morcellation bag offers the latest and the best standard of patient care. Use of MorSafe Tissue Isolator is expected to reduce overall incidence of parasitic fibroids after laparoscopic surgery. In bag morcellation technique is recommended to prevent port site metastases.

Tissue Morcellation Bag

Innovative product specifically designed for Safe Morcellation!

MorSafe™ is an innovative single-use disposable device intended to be used as a receptacle for benign tissue mass during gynecological procedures such as laparoscopic myomectomy or laparoscopic hysterectomy.

MorSafe™ is to be used in conjunction with the Versator Tissue Morcellation System to safely contain and remove the shredded benign tissue mass.

The device has unique features to allow for quick deployment, insufflation, morcellation and spill-proof withdrawal of the bag.

MorSafe™, with its unique two port design, offers the surgeon superior visibility during the surgery compared to a single port approach. Designed to fit and take the shape of the abdomen, it has been constructed utilizing a special tear resistant material to prevent leakage. It also contains a special ring in the bag opening to allow the surgeon ultimate control of the bag opening and easy access to the interior of the bag during surgery.

Morsafe -

Versator™ Tissue Morcellation System, including MorSafe™, is protected by various granted and pending Patents, Trademark and Copyrights, comprising of US 8608764 B2 EP2393440A2 WO2010089777A2, WO2010089777A3, WO2015151117A2, IN Trademark 1934469 and Morsafe Trademark Application No 2808984 and Copyrights. All rights are reserved with Veol Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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